Unity 3D TGIF

From the OverInteractive Blog;

To celebrate the  launch of the Vancouver Chapter of Unity Users GroupdimeRocker.com in partnership with Unity Technologies invites all local game, web, and iPhone developers to a premiere industry UnityNetworking TGIF followed the next day by a Unity Skills Workshop.

The entire initiative will be framed within a “web-ready” context, exploring how tools like Unity 3D in combination with a new breed of social gaming hives are enabling developers to create, market, and monetize console-likebrowser content for a growing audience of online and mobile gamers.

Not-to-be-missed event for iPhone, game, web developers and those wanting to learn about Unity, This will be a great event for those looking to network and socialize with like-minded peeps.

Tickets are now on available for this event – Unity 3D TGIF