OH at Launch Party 8

Here are a few “over heards” from last night’s Launch Party Vancouver 8 event:
  • 6oz: Great job on #LPV8 last night @sonsryan ! It was teh hotness – both literally and metaphorically 😉 – Kirsten was demo’ing Hootsuite, and perhaps remarking on the fact that it was the temperature was a *little* high last night
  • tinatinatinah: my friend just asked me how the “nerd convention” went last night. well, i replied to my disconnected friend, #LPV8 went rather well! =) – Tina is the newest Strutta employee, and this was her first Launch Party
  • davidascher: Enjoyed the #LPV8 event last night — saw old friends, made new ones, and got great feedback about Thunderbird 3. Lots of “wow!”s – David is the CEO of Mozilla Messaging, and was demo’ing Thunderbird 3
  • quickmobile: great party last night at #LPV8 – best event of the season so far! Kudos to @dannyrobinson and the team – thanks… – thanks Patrick – we attended and/or helped organize 4 events in the past 3 days, so it was a pretty intense kick off to the “season”
  • gheer: Fun night last night at #lpv8, met a lot of interesting people. Really enjoyed meeting the @yowza and @gist folks. – all the companies were great, and LP makes it easy for lots of one-on-ones; forget standing up and pitching once – you’re pitching to 200 – 300 potential users, partners, and investors, one at a time 😛
  • justincumby: #LPV8 = fantastic event. Kudos to @yowza @hootsuite @angelpui @zed5000 @gist @lilipip for the great demos – awesome west coast innovation! – Justin was part of the Sun Startup Essentials crew that sponsored the event
  • SeattleCityGirl: sad I didn’t know about #lpv8 until now. Would have been fun to attend! Guess I’ll just have to wait for #nPost event Tues night! – Gist and Lilipip were up from Seattle, and Groove Systems was representing Kelowna; every Vancouver Launch Party is likely to feature folk from elsewhere. Portland, I’ve got my eye on you for LPV9!
  • launchpartyhq: Hey @stewarttownsend – we met with @thinklondon and @jshack at #LPV8 – maybe we can do Launch Party London? – hmmm…who tweeted this?! No promises, but sounds like fun!
Thanks to everyone for coming out. We’ve got a couple of good prospects on deck for LPV9 already. Want to launch your company or new feature with us in Vancouver? Head on over and apply.

Introducing Sonia with an I.


I’m Sonia. I currently work a Coordinator of “Things” at Bootup Entrepreneurial Society (BES).

Preceding BES, I was working as a Sales Coordinator at the Opus Hotel and a Sales & Catering Coordinator at the Hilton Vancouver Airport. I needed a change from Vancouver and decided to satisfy this “change” craving by leaving Vancouver to work for Royal Caribbean as an Entertainment Coordinator. Unfortunately, I became a victim of the big (R)ecession and used this time as an opportunity to explore other areas of interest. Fast-forward to a few months back, I applied as an intern with Strutta, loved it and the rest is history.

You can find me running around at BES Events or on twitter @sonsryan. Don’t be shy come and say hi.

Tynt is a big winner at LPV7!

Visit TyntThe results are in!

The votes have been counted and it’s time to announce a winner in the LPV7 Startup Contest. A panel of 6 Judges casted their votes for the “Startup Most Likely to Succeed” and for the first time ever in LPV history Tynt won both Judge’s and People’s favorite. Sun Startup Essentials has awarded Tynt with a brand new camera.

As for the event itself, the 7th installment of Launch Party was again a huge success with the highest number of attendees. The 7 demo companies were busy all night spieling to the crowd. Stay tune for our next Launch Party, happening in September.

Kerri from Tynt

5 Questions with Maura Rodgers

Maura Rodgers at LPV5 - photo by Tris Hussey Kontent Creative Group Inc. caught up with Maura Rodgers of Strutta in a 5 question interview.

1) What’s the one piece of online or offline technology that you can’t live without?

Online: Up until June 2007 when my husband surprised me with my first MacBook, I was a PC. And as of two weeks ago, when I finally traded in my Blackberry for a shiny new iPhone, this girl is all Mac. The iPhone does have it’s limitations. It is not great for someone, who needs to reply to loads of email on the go and the built-in camera is not so hot, but I am smitten. It’s my favorite tech gadget right now.
Offline: My Wolf Gas Range. When I am not plugged in or at work, I am entertaining. And my gas range is a beautiful cooking machine.

Read Maura’s full 5 question interview at Kontent Creative Group Inc.