LPV10 Winners

The results are in and it’s time to announce the winners in the LPV10 Startup Competition. A panel of 7 judges casted their votes for the “Startup Most Likely to Succeed” and awarded Geotoko. From Judge Andre Charland’s comments: “It seems like all sorts of businesses big and small are going to need an easy way to take advantage of location based promos. This is like a quick and easy way to do that.” So, a huge kudos to Geotoko.

Geotoko's Adarsh Pallian receiving Super-hero trophy

The people care where their food comes from and they have spoken. Foodtree takes home “People’s Choice”. Congrats Foodtree!

Foodtree's Anthony Nicalo and Derek Shanahan

A huge shout-out to all the startups, who were busy showing off their stuff all night. Stay tuned for details of our next Launch Party Vancouver event.

VIP Packages available at #LPV10

Is kicking the season off with style your thing? Well then, Team Bootup has a great offer for you. We have coordinated VIP Packages for LPV10, starting at $600. If you’re a startup or a tech company this is a great way to celebrate the holiday with your team. Packages include:

  • tickets to event
  • VIP service & canapes for your guests
  • drink tickets a plenty
  • VIP Table with Company Signage

And who knows, maybe even Santa will pay you a visit with his friendly helpers 🙂

Fore more details, contact Sonia Ryan at sonia (at) bootup (dot) ca by Friday, November 26th at 2pm.

Venue Recommendations

Hello Vancouver!  We’ve been getting a lot of emails and calls asking when our next Launch Party event will be.   And now that the Olympics are over <sigh>, and venues are freed up, we are working on finalizing the details for LPV9.

But I need your help…
I’ve been sourcing out venue after venue after venue but can’t seem to find a space that will fit all of us.  I feel like I have looked at every venue from Gastown to Yaletown but it is hard to find a big enough space within our non-profit budget.  So, I was hoping that you might have some venue recommendations for me.

This is what we need:
At our last event, we had over 400 attendees.  And if you recall, it was pretty hot and cramped in Circa.  This time around, we would like to have a bit more breathing room.

  • Capacity 500
  • Natural Lighting (preferred)
  • Bar and on-site kitchen
  • Wifi
  • Screens
  • Air Conditioning / Ventilation
  • Fantastic speaker system & working mic.

We are shooting to have our next Launch Party in mid May, early June.

If you are a Venue and would like to us to host our next LPV at your venue, please contact me at – sonia (at) bootup (dot) ca or if you have any recommendations, please leave a comment on this post.