Office hours with Rogers Ventures

I’m still recovering from a very long but very satisfying day yesterday – from the BC Demo Days event that started first thing in the morning, to the dinner with Rogers Ventures that didn’t end until midnight.

The message we sent out to our Startup Notification List had our offices filled with companies giving 10 minute pitches / talks to Mike Lee. Here are the companies that made it through the door:

It was a fun afternoon talking with everyone in the waiting area, and I think the companies all made a good impression (even though Mike was pretty tired after his long day). Some videos from DemoCamp Vancouver 09 will be up early next week. Have a great weekend!

Unity 3D TGIF

From the OverInteractive Blog;

To celebrate the  launch of the Vancouver Chapter of Unity Users in partnership with Unity Technologies invites all local game, web, and iPhone developers to a premiere industry UnityNetworking TGIF followed the next day by a Unity Skills Workshop.

The entire initiative will be framed within a “web-ready” context, exploring how tools like Unity 3D in combination with a new breed of social gaming hives are enabling developers to create, market, and monetize console-likebrowser content for a growing audience of online and mobile gamers.

Not-to-be-missed event for iPhone, game, web developers and those wanting to learn about Unity, This will be a great event for those looking to network and socialize with like-minded peeps.

Tickets are now on available for this event – Unity 3D TGIF