DemoCamp: Bring Your Pitches!

That’s right…it’s DemoCamp time!

What’s DemoCamp?

DemoCamp is a lightening-pitch style event that puts your ideas in the ring and let’s the crowd duke it out. Think you have what it takes to out-pitch Vancouver developers, designers, and startup folk? Join us for the gauntlet that is DemoCamp!


#320 – 309 West Cordova St
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PT)

What Do I Bring?

You don’t need much; if you make the six minute round, you would be well served to have a PowerPoint or demo to show the crowd. It’s not required, but this is a good chance to demo what you’ve got!

The Format!

It’s a pretty simple event. Show up, sign up to pitch your idea, startup, or product. Win or lose, have some fun and meet people who love ideas and building things.

  • come in the door and post your demo/company idea on the board (or just come in and drink beer- it’s cool.)
  • 30 minutes of meeting other attendees (promote your idea, get votes!)
  • 30 second elevator pitches by all presenters
  • attendees vote on the top five 30 second pitches. The winners move on to the next round.
  • the five winners get six minutes to talk (time limit strictly enforced)

Who Should Come?


You don’t have to pitch, but you’re welcome to; if you’re working on something, just launched a new app, or cooked up something crazy on your way to the bar, all you need to do is put your name on the board. Riff for 30 seconds and enjoy all the other ideas that fly around during the evening.

Are you going to Startup Weekend this weekend? Bring your ideas and pitches with you to DemoCamp; it’s the perfect next step!

Think you’d like to get into GrowLabs, Y Combinator, or TechStars one day? Test your ideas on the crowd!

This event is a LOT of fun…don’t miss it!

Sign up here.

How to get started in Vancouver Tech

Trevor O is one of the founders of Layerboom Systems. This was originally posted on his personal blog at

I’ve been meeting quite a few people who are new to Vancouver and are looking to get involved in the local Web and Tech scenes. There’s quite a bit going on, and Google is your friend, but if you want to save some time here are the best places to go, meet people and see what’s going on. There’s also a score for how nerdy or business-y (?) the event is on a scale of 1-10.

Do your research

Nerdy: 5
Business: 4

Find out what you’re interested and search for companies based in Vancouver that do what you love. If you’re enthusiastic people will make time for you. Ask someone out for coffee or a pint and just talk. Don’t try and get a job, just figure out what’s going on. Like any “scene” you’re likely to hear conflicting viewpoints. Keep an open mind. Look for and talk with local bloggers and tech reporters. Look for events happening in your area. If you’re interested in Open source projects, find out if the people who work on them are in the area.

Democamp Vancouver

Nerdy: 7
Business: 5

Like most unconferences, Democamp is a loosely organized evening event where the people that attend make up the conference. In this case you bring an idea, and the idea is your demo. You don’t have to present, and it’s a good way to meet people that are interested in starting something new, or are working a project already. Democamp doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should, so if you’re interested in helping out there, check out the site and get in touch.

Launch Party Vancouver

Nerdy: 4
Business: 8

Every few months local entrepreneurs who are launching their projects meet up to celebrate all their hard work. Walk around and talk with people and get to know the people behind these projects. Most of the time the executives are presenting but ask to chat with some of the developers if that’s more up your alley. This is usually a very social event where you’re bound to meet a lot of interesting people – just don’t be shy.

Bootup Labs

Nerdy: 8
Business: 6

Bootup Labs is a local startup incubator which helps companies go from “zero to fundable”. The offices are located at 375 Water St, in Gastown and house a rotating group of Vancouver based startups which are always looking for talented help. Bootup has an open door policy so if you’re new to the area you can generally just pop in, but I suggest getting in touch with them first to arrange a quick (<30 minute) chat. Everyone is really friendly, and it’s a good way to plug in, or at least get pointed in the right direction.  Bootup helps run a few of the events in town, so pay attention to their upcoming feed for things that are happening


Nerdy: 5
Business: 5

Techvibes is a tech community blog and business directory. It’s a really good way to get to know which businesses are in the area and what they do. They also publish a list of events happening in town that range from an Entrepreneurial to Developer focus.


Nerdy: 2
Business: 10

If you’re more into the business and entrepreneurial side of things, I suggest checking out Vancouver Enterprise Forum or VEF. VEF hosts events on a monthly basis and it’s a great way to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Developer Meetups

Nerdy: 10
Business: 3

There are plenty of developer meetups happening in town. The umbrella meetup for all of these is the VanDev network. Join that and you’re bound to meet quite a few people. The most popular is the Ruby/Merb/Rails meetup which has events on a monthly basis.

I hope that’s enough to get you started! Let me know if there’s anything else you want added to the list.