International Mentor Program

The International Mentor Program (IMP) is designed to bring top industry personalities to Vancouver on a regular basis. Not only does it give Vancouver companies access to a worldwide rolodex, it also showcases Vancouver to the visiting mentors, building buzz about the entrepreneurial community we are building here.

The typical visit by a mentor will be 2 to 3 days in length. Their time will be spent in a mix of:

  • half day workshops
  • evening speaker + networking events
  • scheduled one-on-one time with local companies

Please see the Events page for upcoming IMP events.

If you have an idea for a mentor that you would like to see visit Vancouver under this program, please contact us.

One thought on “International Mentor Program

  1. Though he is not international (based here in Van) I would love to see a presentation by Markus Frind from Plenty of Fish.

    That guy is me hero.

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