Bootup Garage – Support Us, Support Startups!

This is a pilot project, so it’s imperative that we demonstrate overwhelming support from founders, investors, and the startup community if we want to see this program secure committed long-term funding.

We want to engage the startup ecosystem across Canada, so whether you’re in Vancouver, Montreal, or Iqualit, if you feel passionately that entrepreneurs and startups are good for our economy and our country, get involved through one of these options:

If you’re a company –

As a non-profit, your financial support helps subsidize the cost to run the garage and support startup founders in our community. $1,000 annually gets your logo on our wall and lots of good karma to boot. And if you ever need a conference room or a place to hang your hat while you are in Vancouver, you are welcome to drop by the Garage anytime.

If you’re an individual –

Sign up as a Supporting Contributor. Drop by anytime and meet with Startups, grab a coffee, book a conference room.  Either way, your help is greatly appreciated.

Can’t donate yet but love startups –

If you don’t wish to contribute financially but think we’re onto something here, please let us know by signing up as a supporter – this functions more like a petition, and we’ll keep you up to date on the program.

join our supporter list

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