One-on-Ones with Sumit Mahawar, Bus. Relationship Mgr at Plug & Play (November 25th, 09)

Attention Mobile Application Companies in Vancouver!!! (in regular speak, that means developers of apps and services for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry)

Sumit Mahawar, Business Relationship Manager from Palo Alto’s Plug & Play Centre is coming to Vancouver and wants to meet with you. He oversees brand development, strategic business partnerships, working with Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors and finding great startups to invest in.

Bootup Labs has coordinated some one-on-one time for 8 local companies with Sumit. We are trying to keep things organized, so please sign up here in advance if you’d like to speak with Sumit.

Book a 15 minute slot anytime between 1pm and 3pm (i.e. 1pm – 1:15pm would be the first slot, and 2:45pm to 3pm would be the last slot). That means we have room for 8 companies total.

[POST SCRIPT] Ooops, we realized once people tried to add 15 minute slots that Tungle does not allow this. So, please comment below on what time you’d like and I will keep this post updated.

***Unfortunately, Sumit has to fly back to San Francisco early on Wednesday. He will be at the iPhone Forum all day tomorrow and will have some free time in the evening to meet with companies. You can contact him at – sumit [at]

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