DemoCamp Vancouver 07 Social Platforms Edition (July 7th, 2009)

This is DemoCamp Vancouver 07, aka the “Return of DemoCamp”. You can read more about the history of DemoCamp Vancouver on the Barcamp wiki.

The featured presentations are social platforms – out of the box social networking and other social web experiences.

BuddyPress Logo

BuddyPress: built on top of WordPress MU, presented by Andy Peatling, creator and lead developer.

Anahita Social Engine Logo

Anahita Social Engine: built on top of Joomla 1.5 extensions by Rastin Mehr and Arash Sanieyan

As always, we have space for 5 attendee pitches of 6 minutes each, and everyone gets a chance to showcase their 30 second pitch to the crowd.


July 7th, 2009. Buzz 400 to come up to WorkSpace.

  • 6pm – 6:10pm Introductions
  • 6:10pm – 6:30pm 30 second pitches (non scheduled pitches) + voting + networking
  • 6:30pm – 7:15pm featured presentations
  • 7:15pm – 8:00pm 5 x 6 minute pitches

The event is free but requires registration as we have limited space at WorkSpace. If you want to present, please pick a Pitch Presenter ticket and fill out a short description of your concept.

Registered Pitch Presenters

All registered pitch presenters get a 30 second pitch to the crowd. After everyone pitches, the crowd votes on who they liked the best. The top five vote receivers get a full 6 minutes to pitch their idea/demo/concept/whatever. Remember: full on “sales” pitches are discouraged – tell us what’s interesting and why we should care. A projector and laptop will be available, make sure to have your pitch/supporting files on a USB stick.

  • Andrei Iancu, Dynamic Leap Technology, Inc.
    An online store (much like Apple’s AppStore) of user-generated outdoors guides (tours, trails, bike routes, treasure hunts, pub crawls, etc.), accessible from GPS enabled mobile phones.
  • Jonathon Lyon, Crowd People
    twibalism – twitter meets tribes connect users of existing closed user groups with each other using twitter allow people to significantly increase their follower base on a paid for basis create an opt-in advertising network
  • Kris Krug
    I’d like to show the online media monitoring dashboards i’ve been tinkering with if you guys are interested. 🙂
  • Paul Lambert, Matygo
    I will be pitching Matygo, a local startup creating an online marketplace for education. I ma pitch the business and high-level features, or alternatively show some code for our flexible rails-based authentication system which allows for OpenID, Facebook Connect, Twitter Login, etc… and any future identity provider to easily authenticate the same matygo persona.
  • McElroy Flavelle, Third Week Dip
    Life coaching website
  • Martin Ertl, LexPublica
    We’re creating LexPublica, an online community to open source the law, and reinvent the business of legal services.
  • Kalin Harvey, Open Green Building Society
    The Green Building Brain is a free online database of green building and sustainable planning tools and resources, all code is open source and all data is Creative Commons. The project resides at, where it currently exists in a beta version. Its purpose is to accelerate the advancement of green building best practices globally through empowering the green building community to generate, modify, organize, and share an evolving repository of green building knowledge.
  • Neil Dickson, Code Cortex
    Code Cortex is creating a system to make the development of high performance software faster and easier, eliminating the excuse that it’s too hard to write fast software.
  • Mustafa Qureshi, Q Infotech Solutions
    Virtual Assistant Services called Virtual Taskforce which will perform Secretarial Services , Sales, Answering , Clerical etc.



Thanks to WorkSpace for donating their space.


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