Co Founder Speed Dating (June 2, 2009)

Right before the June 2009 LaunchParty 7 event, join us in the Steamworks Uber Lounge for private connection making in that quest to find a co-founder or lead employee.

The event will take place from 4pm to 6pm. Attendees will classify themselves as Business or Tech, and get a chance to have a short intro to a number of different potential partners, and be set up for further discussions.

We’ll be using the Launch Party 7 social site at to help showcase profiles, skills, and interests.

To participate:

  1. Register for Launch Party Vancouver 7.
  2. Head over to the Launch Party Crowdvine networking site and create a profile – if you joined the Launch Party Vancouver 6 site, you can login with your existing profile.
  3. Browse the people looking for cofounders or the business vs. technical listings
  4. Show up on June 2nd with a fistful of business cards and participate in 5 – 10 speed dating sessions – pitch your idea, pitch yourself, and see if you can connect with someone

Thanks to the following volunteers:

  • John Goodwin
  • Angela Baldonero, VP of People at ReturnPath

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