Community Driven Events

Building a strong startup ecosystem takes a village. From banks and lawyers to investors and successful entrepreneurs, we all need to pitch in and do our part to nurture and grow our startup community.

Luckily, we have a number of amazing volunteers, who have stepped up to share their expertise and organize the following community programs:

Co-Founder Speed Dating

Organizer: Angela Baldonero, Senior Vice President of People – Return Path

Picking a co-founder is your most important decision. It’s more important than your product, market, and investors. Co-Founder Speed Dating aims to bring together talented entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skill sets, who want to start or join innovative new companies. At each event, you will be matched with potential “dates” who have complimentary skills and interests. You’ll get to spend some focused time with each of them discussing you and your big ideas.


Lyal Avery, Founder & CEO – Outcome 3
Parveen Kaler

DemoCamp is an event that provides early stage entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch their idea to the community and garner feedback and insight from peers and mentors.

How it works:
Every presenter gives a 30 second elevator pitch and then attendees vote on the ideas they would like to hear more about before final voting. The presentations with the most votes earn a 6 minute slot to present their idea in more detail to the crowd.

Mentor Speed Dating

Mack Flavelle, Founder & CEO – Compass Engine

Mentor Speed Dating pairs successful entrepreneurs, investors, or service and academic professionals with interested founders. Founders fill out a brief profile and submit an executive summary to prior to the event. Interested mentors are also required to complete a profile noting their area of expertise and interest.

During the event, Founders are asked to identify to two key issues they need help with (ie: legal, fundraising, technology, business development, sales, accounting etc.) to find the right mentor to help you.

Startup Drinks Vancouver

Derek Shanahan, Founder – Foodtree

Startup Drinks is a monthly freestyle networking event hosted in pubs and bars by startup community instigators from coast to coast. We keep it a presentation free and sponsor freebecause the point is to make connections over drinks and…..relax a little. You can talk shop, geek out or just shoot the breeze.

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