“Facebook’s #1 Marketing Plan: Build An Awesome Experience” with Jonathan Ehrlich, Director of Consumer Marketing

Jonathan Erhlich, Director of Consumer Marketing at Facebook, was in town last friday to talk about effective product marketing. Set in the intimate Harbor View Room at Steamworks, it was an energetic & engaging talk. In the words of Boris Mann:

“Jonathan is rocking the room – forcing people to pay attention, think & respond” – @bmann

However, the comedic highlight of the evening occurred after Jonathan told the room that “Facebook ads work.” To which someone replied:

“Ads convert fans, but I can’t eat fans. Any tips on converting fans into money?”

Even Jonathan had to laugh at that.

Though it’s easy to summarize the key points as follows:

  1. Build something great.
  2. Acquire and engage users intelligently.
  3. Iterate like hell.

It simply does not do Jonathan justice. Therefore, read on if you want to hear those key points fleshed out with more salient quotes and examples, as well as Jonathan’s response on how to convert fans into revenue.

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