Danny Robinson

Bio: Danny is the quintessential serial entrepreneur. He has founded 2 multi-million user internet companies, and raised over $100M in venture capital across 9 rounds of financing. Before moving back to Canada in 2001, he lived in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park for 5 years. On the side, he works to make Vancouver the tech center it can be by connecting local entrepreneurs to valley-based VCs, bringing the popular networking event Twiistup to Vancouver, and serves on the Science World Equity Committee. Danny is a member of the board of directors for Suite101, Techtrack, and iFind Media systems. In 1998, he started Spinway, a private label ad-supported dial-up ISP. Under his stewardship, Spinway grew to 8 million members in 11 months. It was later sold to United Online (NetZero) and is still operating today. He co-founded iFind Media Systems in 2002, makers of in-mall advertising and wayfinding kiosks. Most recently, he founded Peerflix, an online P2P DVD trading company, in 2004, where he raised $10M from US Venture capitalists including Battery Ventures, 3i and BV Capital. Peerflix is still operating today.

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