Bounty Island Is Now Available in the App Store

Our friends over at Compass Engine have just released their second location based game, Bounty Island. Their latest version features an improved UI and tutorial.

How it Works
Players check in to various locations and venues to unlock maps, which will aid them in their hunt for the mysterious Bounty Island.  Along the way, players earn money, collect treasure, dodge critters and stuff themselves on exotic fruits to restore their energy levels as they explore the world around them.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to get this game out to market and show the world that location doesn’t just have to be about coupons and deals but can simply be fun. Bounty Island is going to prove that location can be used to personalize a game, and we all know that the more personal the game the more engaging it is,” said Compass Engine CEO Mack Flavelle.

Get It!
I have not downloaded the game yet but Flavelle told me that 1000’s of others like me already have!  And you can too as Bounty Island is now available in the App Store for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

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