KPMG Prize Give-a-way at LPV10

“I had no idea what to expect from LPV10. I had a great feeling and went with it. Obviously, it was a good feeling.”  – Ramona Macleod

At Launch Party Vancouver 10, one of our sponsors KPMG decided to give away the seasons most coveted gadget. Upon arrival, all attendees were asked to drop their business cards into a box for a draw. Not a single attendee knew what was up for grabs. When Shana Korotash from KPMG pulled Ramona MacLeod’s name out of the box – Ramona was ecstatic. However, to win the prize — she had to entertain the crowd with a Christmas Carol. She sang her way to a brand spanking new iPad.

Shortly after LPV10, I saw Ramona at the Bootup offices where I learned she had signed up for the Bootup Garage program.  Ramona is working on a startup called BigMama, a site that makes it easy for students to rent textbooks.

You can follow BigMama on Twitter: @bigmamadotca

A huge congrats to Ramona for winning the iPad and a huge thanks to KPMG for supporting LPV10 and making the give-away possible.

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