Looking Back at 2010

Happy New Year, Vancouver!

Like many of you, when the New Year hits I am contemplative. I take some time to look back at what I have accomplished and experienced and then make plans for the year ahead.

Since Bootup Entrepreneurial Society launched 18 months ago, we have organized more than 40 events and supported or sponsored over 12 other tech events.  Considering it is only Sonia and I with 5 event volunteers, you could say we have been a tad busy!

The two big highlights @bootup for me in 2010 were:

  • Grow 2010 – This was an incredible event that not only connected Canadian entrepreneurs with the Valley but also brought us closer together as a national startup community.  I am really looking forward to @growconf 2011 on August 17-19 in Vancouver.  Early bird tickets just went on sale yesterday, so scoop one up for nearly 1/2 price now. Trust me – the whole experience is worth every penny!
  • Bootup Garage – We launched the Garage Pilot Project on Dec. 1st in partnership with BCIC and the response has been so positive.  Actually Awesome.  We have the best line up of mentors hosting office hours on a regular basis, who are committed to helping startup founders. AND we have some really cool entrepreneurs already building startups in the Garage.  We will be featuring some of the companies and startup founders on our site in the weeks to come.

We look forward to seeing more startups take shape and grow in 2011.  Please feel free to comment or drop us a note if you have some startup news to share.

If you are interested in seeing what we have been up to in 2010, you can click through our slides below:

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