Next Co-Founder Speed Dating is Jan 5

Co-Founder Speed Dating aims to bring together talented entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skill sets to start innovative new companies.

Picking a co-founder is your most important decision. It’s more important than your product, market, and investors.  All too often you know people with similar backgrounds and skills sets to your own.  We help you find co-founders with complimentary skill sets.  Entrepreneurship can be lonely.  It’s important to have someone else there with you to help you ride out the lows and celebrate your successes.

Business + Technical = Cool New Company

This unique event will bring together 10 internet business entrepreneurs (people who sell stuff) and 10 technical entrepreneurs (people who build stuff/developers) with the goal of you finding the right partner.  You’ll get to spend some focused time with each of them discussing you and your big ideas.

Who should attend?

You may already have a business idea and now need a developer to help build the product.  Or you may be a developer looking for a way to break into the entrepreneurial world by syncing up with an idea person.  Perhaps… you have no idea yet, but in your soul, you are an entrepreneur. You need the right partner to kindle the startup spirit and ideas.

Whether you are technical and excited to create something or you have an Internet business idea that you are passionate about or you’re looking for the vision, this event is for you!

Save the date

We will be hosting the next Co-Founder Speed Dating Event on January 5, 2011 at Bootup HQ, 163 West Hasting St, Suite 200.  Keep your eyes peeled for a registration page coming soon, or email me directly.

After the event, we will continue the conversations over refreshments at Bootup.

4 thoughts on “Next Co-Founder Speed Dating is Jan 5

    • Good point Luke! – Developers have some of the best ideas! There's no pre-set formula of what makes a good co-founder. It's usually personality fit and respect for each other's skill first and foremost. Many times that means two developers.

  1. McElroy Flavelle says:

    I met my co-founder at one of these a year and a half ago. Our company is plugging along wonderfully and Ben are having a great time working together, learning from each other and enjoying every minute.

    If you are a budding entrepreneur I strongly recommend you go to this event and bring an open mind.

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