LPV10 Winners

The results are in and it’s time to announce the winners in the LPV10 Startup Competition. A panel of 7 judges casted their votes for the “Startup Most Likely to Succeed” and awarded Geotoko. From Judge Andre Charland’s comments: “It seems like all sorts of businesses big and small are going to need an easy way to take advantage of location based promos. This is like a quick and easy way to do that.” So, a huge kudos to Geotoko.

Geotoko's Adarsh Pallian receiving Super-hero trophy

The people care where their food comes from and they have spoken. Foodtree takes home “People’s Choice”. Congrats Foodtree!

Foodtree's Anthony Nicalo and Derek Shanahan

A huge shout-out to all the startups, who were busy showing off their stuff all night. Stay tuned for details of our next Launch Party Vancouver event.

2 thoughts on “LPV10 Winners

  1. dshan says:

    I've said it elsewhere, but we're extremely flattered that our friends and followers voted for us. The trophy is a nice addition to our cramped office!

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