Rock Your Vote – 2 days left in the LPV10 Startup Competition

At Launch Party Vancouver 5, we introduced the first ever LPV Startup Competition to provide the startup showoffs with additional exposure. It’s been a fun addition to our live event and a great way for the startups to reach people, who can not make it to LPV in person.

Vote for People’s Choice – LPV10
The 9 startup showoffs for LPV10 have all uploaded 2 minute videos about their companies and the polls have been open now for the past two weeks. If you have not voted for your favorite startup yet, go to the LPV10 Startup Competition Website and VOTE by 12pm, December 1.

The 3 startups with the most community votes right now are:

  1. Foodtree – a site that helps you discover where your food is from and connects you directly to it’s origin, so you can feel confident about the food you eat.
  2. Clinicbook – helps people find healthcare and check wait times at clinics in their area.
  3. Xkey – From fishing charters to adventure expeditions, activity operators use XKey to manage bookings, collect reservations, and generate bookings online, 24/7.

Judges Choice
In addition, we select high profile judges for each competition, who invest in and/or have started their own Internet companies. Each judge takes the time to review and rank each video as well as provide valuable feedback to each startup. And as usual, we think the judges for LPV10 are kind of a big deal:

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