DemoCamp Vancouver 12 in Photos

Last night’s DemoCamp Vancouver was a great success as Maura mentions in the post below. This is the 5th DemoCamp that I have attended since working at Bootup. I can still remember my first DemoCamp at Workspace. I had NO idea what I had signed up for. For me, DemoCamp has been a fun event to meet new people and share laughs with some old friends. Last night was no exception.

Here’s a collaboration of some iPhone snaps from Bootup’ers.

14 super awesome lighting pitches.

Full house at the Lounge on Granville

Techvibes Rob Lewis and 49 Pixels Justin Kozuch

KPMG’s Jacqueline Gustafson and Shana Korotash’s Dave Orchard & Microsoft’s Dennis Pilarinos

DemoCamp regulars: Roland Tanglao, John Biehler & Dave Drucker 🙂

6 Final Pitches at 4 minutes each

If anyone else happened to take pictures at the event, please tag them with #dcv12 or share with me: sonia (at) bootup (dot) ca. I’d love to add them to our Facebook Events Page.

Hope to see you all at Launch Party Vancouver 10. Register here.

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