Bootup’s Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali

This week, Bootup’s heading back to the Valley. In tow, Team Bootup, Bootup Labs and BUL’s fresh crop of graduating companies: Summify, Compass Engine and Foodtree. The companies will be pitching to VC Firms, Angel Investors and participating in C100’s 48 Hours in the Valley. Bootup’s also teaming up with our friends at Metabridge to throw a reception at Kicklabs. Come on by if you’re in the SF. Register here.

Keep up with Bootup and follow our shenanigans while we’re away:

Team Bootup @bootup

Maura: @maurar
Sonia: @sonsryan

Team Bootup Labs @bootuplabs

Danny: @dannyrobinson

Team Summify @summify

Cristian: @cgst
Mircea: @mirceapasoi

Team Compass Engine @compassengine

Mack: @mackflavelle
Ben: @ben_hesketh

Team Foodtree @foodtree

Derek: @dshanahan
Anthony: @tonynicalo

Team Bootup after Bootup Labs Demo Days Last Year

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