Who should be the next CEO of BCIC?

BCIC has been a big supporter of Bootup Entrepreneurial Society since we launched.  The entire team from the Board members and the CEO, Dean Rockwell to the Director of IT, Dean Prelazzi and Director of Marcom, Lin Kishore have been very supportive of the work we have been doing to help grow the startup ecosystem in BC.

Recently, BCIC announced that Dean Rockwell had decided to leave the organization to work within the private sector.  We have really enjoyed working with Rockwell. He’s one of the good guys, who really “gets it” and made many positive changes while he was at the helm of BCIC.  We are sad to see him go but wish him all the best with his next adventure.

That said – we need to find someone to fill Rockwell’s shoes and we thought **YOU** may have some great recommendations to share.  After working with BCIC and various government organizations for several years now, I’ve learned that there are few CEO roles in this province that have as big an influence on our tech community as the BC Innovation Council CEO.  It’s a very important position and we would love to see it filled with someone, who is as just as passionate about supporting and growing our technology community as Rockwell is.

What can YOU do?
View the job description and if you can think of a candidate, who would be the right person to lead the organization and be a strong voice for our technology community – email Kim Brooks from Corporate Recruiters – kim @ corporate [dot] bc [dot] ca with the candidate’s name and contact information.

See you at Connect 10 – Tuesday, October 12
Connect, a conference hosted by BCIC for early stage technology entrepreneurs, is coming up fast on Tuesday, October 12 at 4:oopm. Lane Merrifield, Founder of Club Penguin will be the keynote at the event. If you don’t have your ticket yet, grab one now!

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