Support “With Glowing Hearts” Movie

We try and support many people in our neighbourhood. Jon from Animal Mother Films approached us about getting the word out about getting support for their documentary film, With Glowing Hearts. Read his guest post on his initiative below.

We’ve seen in the past few years the growing influence of “citizen journalism” on the mainstream media, and we are confident that the Vancouver Games may prove to be a watershed moment in this “crowdsourcing” of the news. The fact that all it now takes to live-stream events to a potential global audience is a unit which fits into your pocket (as opposed to a million dollar broadcasting van) is tremendously democratizing.

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is an excellent example of this situation. This impoverished, often-maligned community suffers from a host of social ills, yet finds itself located in the heart of one of the most desirable, wealthy and tech-savvy cities on Earth. With the 2010 Winter Olympic Games set to hit the city in a few short weeks, an intense global media spotlight is expected to follow, and residents of the DTES are bracing themselves for yet another onslaught of stories about the “hell” that is their home. What many people don’t get to see, however, is the vibrant community that exists there, and the multitude of people who are dedicated to finding a “hand up” rather than a “handout”. Nor will the public see the impact of the Games on this highly marginalized community in Vancouver’s historic core.

For the past year, we at Animal Mother Films have been producing a film called With Glowing Hearts about a remarkable group of people living in the DTES, and documenting their efforts to use social media technologies to empower themselves, their neighbours and strengthen the bonds of a community bracing itself for the worst.  Through initiatives like W2Fearless Media, and AHA Media, we’ve seen stories, histories and new perspectives shared with a potentially global audience and the immensely empowering feeling that is having your voice heard.  We’re interested in the different range of coverage of the Games that will come out the traditional vs. the new media and where those new voices are coming from.  We’re also interested in the True North Media House, an ad hoc collection of some of some of the city’s social media intellegentsia who are determined to keep redefining the boundaries of social media and have a damn good time doing it.

The long term effects, positive or negative, of hosting the Games are anyone’s guess right now, but we at AMF feel that it is our privilege and duty to document this pivotal moment in our city’s history.  By getting involved with us and the groups whose efforts we are looking to highlight, we are offering you the opportunity to help support the gift of communications and also ensure that history is able to take a complete view of what happens in Vancouver this February. We hope that as members yourselves of Vancouver’s social media community, you’ll see the value in contributing to the production of a documentary which highlights this highly innovative and inspirational initiative and solidify Vancouver’s global reputation as a leading center of Internet technologies.

The primary forms of support we’re looking for right now are either financial or reputational.  Now, please don’t just glaze over the first one because truly every little bit helps and the process is quite quick and painless through the “Chip In” widget on our site and all contributions will be acknowledged on both the site and film.

By reputational, I mean help us get the word out about what we’re doing and the efforts of the people we’re highlighting.  Follow us @wghthemovie and encourage other people to check it out as well, once again every little bit helps.

Thanks for your time and consideration and please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you’d like some more information.

Geo Edition of DemoCamp Vancouver


We just pushed publish confirming March 4th as the date for DemoCamp Vancouver 10: Geo Edition#democampyvr10.

This edition will also be using the theme of “geo”. From the growth of GPS in virtually every phone to location aware applications of all kinds, we’ll be focusing on showcasing demos that connect around space in some way.

Matt Galligan will be coming to town to tell us about his new platform SimpleGeo for easily running your location infrastructure for you rather than building it from scratch.

Interested in doing a 6 minute demo / presentation? Contact us – we’ve got room for about 5 people to present.

Read on for full outline and presenters »

Bootup Bus to 140conf in Seattle

On March 8th, 2010 at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, The Parnassus Group is hosting 140 | The Twitter Conference.

The conference will feature several interesting speakers, including Ben Parr (co-editor of Mashable), Jennifer Leggio from ZDNet, Shauna Causey (communications and social media manager at Comcast), and many others.

We (that is, Zedmo and the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society) would like to organize a trip down to Seattle on March 7th, to spend the night in Seattle and head to the conference for 9:00am on March 8th. The Tweetup is scheduled to end at 7:30pm that evening, at which point the Bootup Bus (last people to show interest sit upside down) will head back up north.

To get into the conference you can use this code to get 25% off the $199 reg fee: SMC140 (thanks to Shauna Causey via Plancast)

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know ASAP by leaving a comment on this post. As we see how much interest there is we’ll make the appropriate arrangements for transportation and accommodation deals and inform you of the rates.

We’ve been quite successful in getting great rates on hotel accomodation in the past, and piling Canadians into a bus and running for the border is always good times.

Mentor Speed Dating Recap

Lyal Avery of Outcome3 was one of the mentors at yesterday mornings first Mentor Speed Dating event. His recap is below, as well as posted on Techvibes.

I think we can count this first event as a success, and we’ll be doing more of them. In the mean time, head over to to continue the discussion. If you’re a mentor or a company, sign up and add your profile, and feel free to connect with people directly. Just because there isn’t an active event doesn’t mean you can’t reach out online.

This was also the first event that was community suggested AND organized. Have an idea for an event? Head over to and add your suggestion.

This morning, Bootup Entrepreneurial Society had their first Mentor Speed Dating event. Graciously hosted by Clark Wilson, LLP, the event took place at the ungodly hour of 7:30am… although the finance guys and lawyers seemed to think it was a late start, us technology folk weren’t nearly as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Plenty of coffee and food to be had more than perked me up though (a big thank you to the Clark Wilson folks for that!)

Ten Mentors were on one side of the table, with about thirty visiting entrepreneurs from fifteen companies looking for wisdom. As one of the ten mentors, it was really thrilling for me to see so many early startups looking to showcase their five-minute pitch.

The particular entrepreneurs will give a much better version, but the 140-character summary pitch of the companies I had a chance to speak with are:

  • Scallable – A quality/location/other-metric based brokerage system for medium-sized VOIP providers.
  • CompassEngine – A geolocation platform service for mobile developers in the gaming space.
  • FoodTree – A directory service providing point of purchase information on the ethics and other consideration of food providers.
  • InnovationCamp – A consulting service providing guidance and training in the area of personal expertise for departments in business organizations.
  • Viira – A Getting Things Done consolidation application for the Blackberry, spanning projects through contact management.
  • SpottedDoing – A middleware component for mobile cause marketing.
  • ReadFu – A link preview system to provide a summary of a link’s destination on roll over without having to leave the linking page.
  • Redrovr – Helps artists and speakers book more gigs by connecting them directly with their audiences through an auction system.
  • Contextual Search Inc – An innovative search model that “brings the content to you.”
  • Bitmain Studios – Pointkit is half Unfuddle, half Freshbooks – a project management tool with invoicing built in.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I didn’t have a chance to meet with all of the entrepreneurs, but if they were anything like the eleven I did get to meet with, I’m sure they were fantastic.

Overall, the event was a huge success. I believe the structure as presented was really clear – particularly the overall session question of “What are the 3 things you need help with.” Both the mentors and potential mentees I surveyed after-wards had a fantastic time. The good news is that this event will likely be happening again in a few months. In the interim, there’s a social networking site built around the topic that is anything but static. If you’re a mentor looking to talk to early stage entrepreneurs, or a founder looking for business advice or support, register at and start connecting!