Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week with Paul Kedrosky

There’s a reason why CNBC asks Paul Kedrosky to weigh in on everything from Google Acquisitions to Microsoft to smartphone wars.  He is insightful, experienced, and a highly regarded equity investor and as a result, he is in demand and always on a plane.  I am happy to report that on November 19, 2009, Kedrosky will be flying in to Vancouver this time to share his thoughts on entrepreneurship, early stage investing and answer your questions.

And it’s Global Entrepreneurship Week!
From November 16-22, people around the world will be coming together to “foster a global culture which recognises entrepreneurs as drivers of economic and social prosperity.” So, at 6pm on November 19, close your laptops, leave the office or get out of the garage and come meet other entrepreneurs, who are just as crazy and illogical as you are for choosing to make a difference and change the world.

Register now. $10 bucks gets you a beer, some snacks and access to Kedrosky’s big brain.

Kedrosky’s Latest Appearance on CNBC
Is Google Evil?  Kedrosky shares his insight.

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