Entrepreneurship Theme Song

Yesterday, I asked the question “If Entrepreneurship had a theme song, what would it be?” Some laughed and thought the question was weird. But, I think ENTREPRENEURSHIP should have a theme song. Everything has a theme song, you win a football game and there is a theme song. you go on a road trip and there is a theme song, you get my drift.

From those that responded, I compiled a list. If you have a song to add to the list, please comment. The holiday season is approaching and who doesn’t want an “Entrepreneurship ROCKS” playlist?

1 – Stronger – Kanye West

2 – Ride of the Valkyries – Wagner

3 – A Team Theme Song

4 – Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

5 – Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell – Das Racist

6 – The Great Escape Theme Tune

7 – Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

I know with all the entrepreneurs around, we can double this list easily. So, please feel free to add 🙂

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship Theme Song

  1. "You're the best! Around!" by Joe Esposito. AKA the song from the tournament scene in Karate Kid. Good for the confidence, especially when you know that you have the "crane" technique to lean on if you need it.

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