Launch Party Vancouver 8 Companies Announced

The judges have chosen and 8 companies have been selected to demo at LPV8, 5 from Vancouver, 2 from Seattle and 1 from Kelowna.

As usual, we’ll feature each of the companies in a 2 min video and give you the chance to vote on which is most likely to succeed. Voting will begin starting Saturday, September 5th.

We present to you the 8 companies (in no particular order) chosen to demo at LPV8.

Seattle-based Lilipip will be one of 3 out-of-towners at LPV8.

What is Lilipip all about? Check out what they have in store:

We make animated videos about products, services, and concepts – putting stories into a form that help them go where they need to go. Unlike traditional agencies, we make business fun and deliver projects with a predictable price and a guaranteed date. We advocate an “Open-Source Creative” approach with transparent pricing, processes, and direct links to the people we work with.

Vancouver’s very own Hootsuite will make an appearance at LPV, demoing their shiny new 2.0 features. Maybe they will surprise us with some exciting new features on September 16th.

get Yowza
Not only is the co-founder on a hit NBC TV series, he also likes to start internet companies. In their own words, they let us know what Yowza is all about.

Yowza is a FREE application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch that uses the device’s built-in GPS to find coupons and deals from participating merchants in your vicinity.

Seattle-based Gist is #2 of 3 out-of-towners for this installment of LPV. Straight from Pioneer Square, check them out:

Gist is an online service that helps you build stronger relationships. By connecting your inbox to the web, you get business-critical information about key people and companies.

My Wedding Match
Check out what founder Angel Pui has in store for LPV.

My Wedding Match is the ultimate wedding marketplace. Brides can set their profile and criteria and find relevant search of vendors. We will be demoing the newly launched website.

The team from DEQQ will be there to answer all your questions regarding DEQQ. From DEQQ themselves:

DEQQ is a service that helps artists, celebrities, and broadcasters connect and manage deeper fan relationships across multiple social networks

Groove Systems
Located in Kelowna, in the heart of Canada’s Silicon Vineyard comes to you Groove Systems. The team from Kelowna will be there to let you know of their service.

Groove Systems’ Collaboration Suite lets you spend less time managing email and more time getting things done!

Wireless Image is an early stage company in Mobile Brand Engagement.

We will be demonstrating ShoutOut – our patent pending branded ringtone download , monitoring and reporting mobile web service.

What a great bunch of companies. It’s not too late to get a ticket (though it will be soon) so you can meet these founders in person to find out more. And don’t forget to cast your votes for your favorite starting Saturday morning!

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