DemoCamp 7 Review by McElroy Flavelle

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Last night was DemoCamp 7, the Social Platform Edition and the event was definitely a success. There was a total of 12 different ideas brought to the table and each one had some real merit to it.

Two of those businesses were guests of honour (Anahita and BuddyPress) with prepared presentations and most of the others were just people with an idea they wanted to share. There were some who just dropped in and some people who had clearly been planning their 30 second spiel for quite a while, but everybody was excited to be sharing their vision.

The Format

  1. Each contestant got to pitch their concept for 30 seconds. (10 people total)
  2. The two guest of honour companies made their presentations.
  3. The top five 30 second pitches got expanded into six minute pitches. (Everybody watching got to vote.)

As usual Boris was the master of ceremonies and did a tremendous job of keeping the train on the tracks. I’ve only been to a couple of Bootup Labs events so far but everyone has worked out really well. I suspect it’s because they have found a way to perfectly maintain the tension between structured order and organic chaos that allows for maximum creativity, interactivity and entertainment.

Certainly the event wasn’t perfect but for the most part the presentations were highly informative and sometimes down right fun. Some of the ideas didn’t seem overly connected to the theme of Social Platforms but none the less they were all worth listening to.

Apparently this was the reboot of the DemoCamp nights here in Vancouver and I have no doubt the next one will be equally as interesting and possibly even more focused. I’m not sure why there was a hiatus but for all of our sake I hope the next event is soon. DemoCamp 7 was absolutely incredible from a networking perspective; I met a couple of people who I was deeply grateful for being introduced to and already have a lunch date with one.

If you are involved in tech, business or the web here in Vancouver there really is no excuse to miss the next one.

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