Cofounder Speed Dating Wrap Up

This is a short post to do a follow up on the Co Founder Speed Dating that we had before Launch Party 7. We had about 35 45 people attend with a mix of backgrounds, and in general the buzz in the room was great. It made for a long afternoon, as the attendees were networking and pitching from 4pm right through to Launch Party. Here are a few comments:

“From my perspective it was a smashing success, both the speed dating and the LP7” – Mack Flavelle
“Thanks for organizing the co-founder speed dating, it was a fantastic introduction to the start-up community on Vancouver.” – Ben Hesketh
“…people think the co-founder matchmaking event was a fantastic idea. Is there a chance that you would follow on with a matchmaking page on your web site” – Bernard Harris

We’re pleased at the enthusiasm around this first event. Thanks in particular to John Goodwin and Angela Baldonero for getting involved and helping to shape the event. Several people have emailed asking for a soft copy of the handout that John put together. Here’s the PDF of assessing the right co-founder. You can get in touch with John to book a one on one session. If there’s interest, we might run a group session.

One of the things that Angela noticed as she was asking people for feedback is that mentors & advisors is the other connection that entrepreneurs are looking to make locally. So we’ll do some planning around an event that will help with that, under the Mentor & Founder Connections Committee.

If you’re interested in similar events, then head over to the subscribe page. If you have other feedback, please leave a comment below.

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